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In Honor of My Cat’s Sweet Sixteen

His birthday was technically last month, but we are having a celebratory Kitty Cat Cocktail Party this evening. So this is in honor of that. From the April 1st New Yorker. And for fun, here’s the birthday boy. Recently listened … Continue reading

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Three Weeks To Go

  From the New Yorker.

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When you’re stuck at home …

And there’s a raging blizzard outside, white-out conditions, sustained winds of 35-60mph, and several feet of snow on the ground, these websites might get you through.  I make no promises; I have mixed feelings about them all; and yet … I … Continue reading

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All Alone

While I know that blogs (the good ones anyway) are about the writing, I’m more about the pointing these days.  Apparently it’s what I have time for.  So allow me to point your attention directly toward Lorenzo, perhaps the funniest … Continue reading

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Major Whisker Watch Alert!

Well let’s start with a great big congratulations to I Have Happy and her growing family.  Snorri has finally taken up residence in the Happy Household; I cannot wait to meet him.  However, there has been some concern about litter, … Continue reading

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Randasfans does not endorse any specific product, but …

I rarely get excited about things.  I don’t go shopping very often.  Growing up, my parents didn’t buy me everything I wanted (and I thank them for that).  We had pretty tight budgets, and the lesson I learned (or the … Continue reading

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Snow Day

The benefits of working from home are thus: as much coffee as I can possibly drink within, literally, an arm’s length; PEE-jays; and catching a glimpse of something virtually unseen in the wild, like koala bears showing up on the … Continue reading

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