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Major Whisker Watch Alert!

Well let’s start with a great big congratulations to I Have Happy and her growing family.  Snorri has finally taken up residence in the Happy Household; I cannot wait to meet him.  However, there has been some concern about litter, … Continue reading

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And the moral of the story is …

Don’t go to CVS after having a couple of cocktails.

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Remembering Matthew Shepard

Last weekend I read Judy Shepard’s new memoir, The Meaning of Matthew.  I figured I had two options: spread it out over several weeks, knowing that I would run the risk of prolonging the inevitable sadness it would bring.  Or … Continue reading

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National Book Festival this weekend!

I don’t think I’m going to make the National Book Festival this year, but it’s such a great event I couldn’t pass up a quick plug.  It took place two years ago on the weekend after I moved to the … Continue reading

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I got my flu shot. Did you?

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Celebration of an Icon

There’s a lot being said and written (and snarked) out there about Madonna’s new album that’s coming out next week, Celebration.  I’m more nostalgic than excited, but it’s hard to ignore all the buzz.  True Blue was one of the … Continue reading

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Randasfans does not endorse any specific product, but …

I rarely get excited about things.  I don’t go shopping very often.  Growing up, my parents didn’t buy me everything I wanted (and I thank them for that).  We had pretty tight budgets, and the lesson I learned (or the … Continue reading

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