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Law of the Land

More photos from the signing session can be seen here.  

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Obama to sign Hate Crimes bill into law

It’s historic; it’s moving; and it’s about time. Today President Obama will sign The Matthew Shepard & James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  There are many stories out there, but here’s a succinct one from NPR’s Morning Edition.  Not … Continue reading

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Pick a Peck of Pickle FREAKS

My friend Pickle Freak has been all over the Pickle Press lately, and this new video just affirms her quick rise to the top of the jar. She’s floating on top of the brine these days, and I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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May as well get a little mileage out of Balloon Boy (everybody else did)

I have to say, I’ve got no real feelings for Balloon Boy, his parents or siblings.  I was not glued to the television or computer screen watching the `drama’ unfold on live tv.  The first I heard about it was … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Augusten!

Today, Augusten Burroughs turns 44.  Here is a picture of him from the NYT (note the cap). Don’t worry, his birthday is not in my calendar; this New York Times article reminded me.  It also reminded me of the time … Continue reading

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Paradise Lost (but not quite yet!)

Yesterday I saw this bumper sticker: Farmland Lost is Farmland Lost Forever. When I got home I looked it up and found that you, too, can get a bumper sticker like this from the Piedmont Environmental Council. They have a fantastic … Continue reading

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Child-free adults unite!

HA!  I loved getting this month’s Atlantic in the mail yesterday.  My month-long ritual begins anew.  It usually takes me an entire month to get through an issue, but I savor retiring the by-now-dog-eared-and-rumpled previous month’s issue to crack open … Continue reading

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DC Clergy United for Marriage Equality

Hat tip to HRC’s Back Story blog for pointing to this article that I missed from the weekend Washington Post about equal marriage rights in the District. For any DC residents interested in testifying in support of marriage equality, see … Continue reading

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Rebranding America: in the name of love

A couple of weeks ago I pointed to a Rachel Maddow video in the wake of the selection of President Obama as this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  While at the gym last week listening to a discussion … Continue reading

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Writing on the Walls

My friend Sarah used to talk about doing a coffee table book of bathroom-wall graffiti from bars around Memphis.  It never happened, despite the fact that we collected a lot of data.  Usually I was with her in bars, but … Continue reading

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