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Bread & Health

The last post about wine for a while? Maybe so. These are some photos taken at a wine tasting hosted at a beautiful mountain farm in Vermont. They don’t do the landscape justice, but I like them as a reminder … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of Vines

“`Our wines evolve slowly and nobly, carrying with them hopes for a prolonged life,’ explained one winegrower. `We know our land was here before we came and that it will be here long after we are gone. With our wine, … Continue reading

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A Passage to Wine Country

I’m in wine detox. We’ve recently returned from the Sonoma Valley in California, which was an absolute sensory delight. Our favorite restaurant became the Harvest Moon Cafe — a true farm-to-table gem, where the menu changes daily. When we weren’t eating at the … Continue reading

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Goblet o-Wine-o

It’s going around, so you have likely seen this elsewhere, but … As our friends over at Dlisted put it, “It’s the perfect glass for when you need to tell those judgmental bitches around you that you just had one … Continue reading

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