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Memory is Hunger

The title comes from A Moveable Feast, and seemed appropriate. I went back to Lyon for the first time since I left thirteen years ago. Mostly I wandered, and took it all in. The best part of the afternoon was reconnecting … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of Vines

“`Our wines evolve slowly and nobly, carrying with them hopes for a prolonged life,’ explained one winegrower. `We know our land was here before we came and that it will be here long after we are gone. With our wine, … Continue reading

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Abstract and Algebraic Beauty

“France has neither winter, nor summer, nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country.” — Mark Twain in Jill Jonnes’ Eiffel’s Tower — It was cold and gray the day we visited the Eiffel Tower in November. In … Continue reading

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Among Paris

One of the things I’ll remember most about my time in Paris is the people. Although difficult to describe, what I loved about this trip was the nearness — to the sights and sounds and smells of Paris, yes, but mostly … Continue reading

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Mme Sheeeld!

Oh my god.  I do a lot of hat tipping, but hat TIP to IHH for lending me her copy of Julia Child’s My Life in France.  I don’t really “do” favorite books, though there are certainly those that stand … Continue reading

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Bonne Fête des Lumières

10 years ago I lived in Lyon and got to experience the Fête des Lumières first hand.  I lived next door to the Cathédrale St. Jean (in the long, cream colored apartment building right on the river just to the … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy: Observations of a 22 year old

It isn’t often that we actually have the opportunity (privilege? burden?) to revisit our earlier selves — what we thought, felt, said … unless of course we wrote it down. As you may be aware, I am moving. In the … Continue reading

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