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That’ll be a Bud Forty

Washington, DC is bizarre: at once the most beautiful and the filthiest city I have ever lived in, and I’ve tried a few (Memphis, TN; Jackson, MS; Quebec City, PQ; Lyon, FR; Boston, MA; and now DC).  Filthy.  What impresses … Continue reading

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Dyeing and Rising: Easter ’09

Okay, here it goes: a post unlike any I thought I would ever write.  Subject?  Dyeing Easter eggs.  Take it to the next level?  Why not!  Check out the Martha Stewart recipe I used to do it!  Here’s my version … Continue reading

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Easter 2009

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Why I Support Cleaning Services

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Coma Woman Sings the Blues

Can you believe it has been 4 years since Terri Schiavo died? I can’t. The actual anniversary was last week, March 31, but I didn’t manage to commemorate it on time. Anyway, I am fascinated by main stream media headlines. … Continue reading

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Hello Motha Dawling

I’ve been skeptical about HBO’s upcoming release of a dramatized Grey Gardens. Admittedly, I’m not *that* invested in thinking, worrying, or even caring about it, but when I first heard that Drew Barrymore had been cast as Little Edie, I … Continue reading

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