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Best in Show

The amazing Jane Lynch got her big break in the movie Best in Show.   Last week she spoke with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, and it’s a delightful interview.  Who knew Terry snorts a little when she laughs? Adorable! We … Continue reading

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I think pickles are pretty, and I also happen to like their shape

I am not the Pickle Freak.  But stories about pickles just seem to be popping up all over the place, and when they come with such purty pictures, it’s hard not to pay attention. Here’s a story from NPR about … Continue reading

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Keep Passing the Open Windows

Yesterday I pointed to an interview with Barbara Kingsolver.  This week I also caught Tom Ashbrook’s interview with John Irving, another author whose books I have tended to devour over the years.  These were my two favorites: If you’re any … Continue reading

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Babs is back with The Lacuna!

I’ve been listening to book talks with various authors on NPR this week.  This afternoon while I was folding laundry I listened to a podcast from the Diane Rehm Show where Susan Page interviews Barbara Kingsolver about her new novel, … Continue reading

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