Best in Show

The amazing Jane Lynch got her big break in the movie Best in Show.   Last week she spoke with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, and it’s a delightful interview.  Who knew Terry snorts a little when she laughs? Adorable! We get to hear it because Lynch is so damn funny and sends Terry into a couple of giggle fits. I laughed out loud on the bus a couple of times myself. Lynch is promoting her new show Glee, which speaking of delights … if you’re not a fan already, tune in Wednesdays on Fox.

Best in Show was a fabulous movie.  Lynch and Jennifer Coolidge are an amazing comedic pair; they are perfectly ridiculous together.

And speaking of perfectly ridiculous, you simply must check this out.  I have never heard of “Creative Grooming” shows before, but unless this is a giant hoax, these poor Poodles are all dolled up and ready to take top prize.  These are just two of my favorite photos by Ren Netherland who, according to the article, “travels thousands of miles each year to attend each competition.”  Remember: these are Poodles.

Props to JV for sending this my way.  Which ones are your faves?

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2 Responses to Best in Show

  1. J says:

    You know, the cryin’ shame of all that is that standard poodles are, like, (supposedly) the most intelligent of all the dog breeds. They were initially bred for companion hunting. Functional! Brainy! But look what we have done to them. Made them the laughing stock of dogdom. Sheesh. You can read both the shame and the anger in the body language of the BisonDog. I can’t blame him.

  2. Aimee says:

    Dear lord. I can’t decide between the Steelers football dog, the rooster and the psychedelic snail. OK psychedelic snail it is.

    I love that he’s the only photographer “allowed” to take pictures of the dogs.

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