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Daily Bread

Beach edition: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

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Bread & Health

The last post about wine for a while? Maybe so. These are some photos taken at a wine tasting hosted at a beautiful mountain farm in Vermont. They don’t do the landscape justice, but I like them as a reminder … Continue reading

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Randa’s Lament

I seriously cannot get my act together these days to commit to *any* posts here at Randa’s Fans. I just checked the queue and I have twenty-one drafts in it, in various stages of writtenness. Maybe I’ll get around to … Continue reading

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The Restorative Cocktail

I am no mixologist, but I do like to stir up a nice cocktail from time to time. Cocktails are especially necessary during times of bereavement, as I was reminded last month when I went to Memphis to be with … Continue reading

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Gobble Gobble

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Tis the Season

I’ll be back next week; in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving.

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I think pickles are pretty, and I also happen to like their shape

I am not the Pickle Freak.  But stories about pickles just seem to be popping up all over the place, and when they come with such purty pictures, it’s hard not to pay attention. Here’s a story from NPR about … Continue reading

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Pick a Peck of Pickle FREAKS

My friend Pickle Freak has been all over the Pickle Press lately, and this new video just affirms her quick rise to the top of the jar. She’s floating on top of the brine these days, and I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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