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Keeping it Real

Filed under: haha. From the Feb. 11, 2013 New Yorker. Recently finished Naomi Benaron’s exquisite PEN/Bellwether Prize winning novel, Running the Rift. Tweet

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On Nodding Terms

“I think we are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not.” — Joan Didion, “On Keeping a Notebook” — Most things I write are deliberately … Continue reading

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Highlighting the Blogroll — Hey Lady Bloggers!

Here are a few blogs I love.  I think you might love them too. My favorite pickle blog.  I’ve mentioned her before, but just cannot seem to get enough.  One of the funniest people I know, and getting famouser by … Continue reading

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I miss you Michelle Collins!

Now, there’s not *exactly* anything to miss, as she hasn’t technically gone anywhere that I’m aware of. However, she’s no longer blogging at her old site, rather she followed her own success right over to Best Week Ever, where she … Continue reading

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Rat tails want to be free, pt. 2

While it might sound strange that this guy’s rat tail would cause me to start thinking about blogging, much less that I would be inspired by it, here’s what came to mind: that!shit!took!time!  As I stumbled along on the treadmill, … Continue reading

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Rat tails want to be free, pt. 1

Maybe it sounds weird, but the nastiest rat tail I may have ever seen inspired me to start this blog.  Here’s the story: at thirty one years and ten days I decided to start exercising.  This was last summer, and … Continue reading

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I used to keep a journal, but …

I’m late to the blogging game.  Or, perhaps I should look at it as being right on time.  Whatever.  When I lived abroad ten years ago, I kept journals.  (If I decide I care enough I may have to elaborate … Continue reading

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