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Gone in Sixty Seconds

A minute is extremely short when you’re trying to explain something that’s important to you. Try it and you’ll see. When I was listening to people pitch their books in sixty seconds last month at Politics and Prose, it seemed … Continue reading

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Everyday and Allday

I don’t write about work. When I started this post a year or more ago (there’s a backlog), the next sentence read, It’s too dangerous. Which made me laugh for a couple of reasons, one of which is thinking how … Continue reading

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Cruella de Vil?

On the streets of Paris.

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The Moors

Filed under: hahahaha. Oh, the moors. I don’t know why I find this cartoon so funny, but it makes me laugh and laugh. I suspect it has something to do with my affection for The Hound of the Baskervilles. Finished … Continue reading

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Language of the Vine

“It’s wine tasting, not wine drinking.” Wine expert from Rick Steves’ “Burgundy” I like to think I’ve grown since my days in France (of all places), when the extent of my knowledge about wine was, as I unfortunately confessed one … Continue reading

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Flower Country

Filed under: a little beauty for your Friday. These were taken outside the Buena Vista Winery, where Millie was a little pushy about joining their wine club, but otherwise the vintages were delicious and we bought a couple of Chardonnays … Continue reading

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A Passage to Wine Country

I’m in wine detox. We’ve recently returned from the Sonoma Valley in California, which was an absolute sensory delight. Our favorite restaurant became the Harvest Moon Cafe — a true farm-to-table gem, where the menu changes daily. When we weren’t eating at the … Continue reading

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