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My bicycle got stolen

Otherwise, all is going pretty well and I am glad to be home.  I’ve actually been back for a week, but it has been so ridiculously busy that I didn’t even bother logging in here to see what’s been going … Continue reading

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Jesus Would Support Equal Marriage

I wrote this short piece for the Boston Metro in the summer of 2007, but it never got picked up so I’m using it here: “For years I have been intrigued by the WWJD phenomenon. WWJD, which stands for What … Continue reading

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“Drop Kick Me Jesus (Through the Goalposts of Life)”

This guy is good. Bob McElvaine teaches at Millsaps, where I went to college. I never had the pleasure of taking a class from him, but several of my friends did and they all raved. He’s apparently as compelling an … Continue reading

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Attack of the Cephalopods! (or: Jesus loves me this I know)

I spent the summer after my first year in college working at a church camp. (My atheist boyfriend at the time referred to it as Camp Christ Died For Me.) In the middle of the summer, during an elementary camp … Continue reading

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Snow Day

The benefits of working from home are thus: as much coffee as I can possibly drink within, literally, an arm’s length; PEE-jays; and catching a glimpse of something virtually unseen in the wild, like koala bears showing up on the … Continue reading

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