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Gallery Night

Two weeks back in the real world, but vacation lingers. One last from Provincetown …

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Highlighting the Blogroll — Hey Lady Bloggers!

Here are a few blogs I love.  I think you might love them too. My favorite pickle blog.  I’ve mentioned her before, but just cannot seem to get enough.  One of the funniest people I know, and getting famouser by … Continue reading

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Writing on the Walls

My friend Sarah used to talk about doing a coffee table book of bathroom-wall graffiti from bars around Memphis.  It never happened, despite the fact that we collected a lot of data.  Usually I was with her in bars, but … Continue reading

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The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later

Two weeks ago I remembered Matthew Shepard.  I’ve sort of been remembering him every day since.  Mrs. Shepard’s book is one that has the ability to touch the hearts and minds of many people, just as her advocacy work and … Continue reading

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Timeliness is a New Yorker Cover

I recently posted about the rooftop water towers in New York City.  (And then of course there was the Peachoid!)  Many thanks to Luabelle for drawing my attention to the cover of the September 21st New Yorker. It’s beautiful: Finger … Continue reading

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