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Happy Early Summer

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Summer reading

I used to be the kind of reader who had to finish one book before I could begin the next.  This usually related to fiction, and was obviously before I went to college.  In college, I would still only read … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ!

Two Jesus-related items from the week.  The first, I refer to affectionately as cock-and-balls-Jesus.  Numerous bloggers caught this a few weeks ago; I saw it courtesy of Towleroad.  Just Google “jesus abs oklahoma” and you’ll see.  (Don’t, however, Google “cock … Continue reading

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For absolutely no reason whatsoever

Other than: this is positively genius:

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Duck, duck … duck!

Last year I wrote about my childhood obsession with ducks. In particular, I had a thing for Mallards.  You might remember that this obsession led me to acquire, in a frighteningly unpredictable twist, my very own taxedermied duck. It’s arguable … Continue reading

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Broke my heart at the Funplex (yes you did, yes you did)

My first thought was: my god they are old!  My second thought was: J, your mom should totally go as Kate Pierson for Halloween!  (Second thought, part B, was that I should go as Kate Pierson for Halloween).  My third … Continue reading

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New Theme: 2010

Filed under: Programming Notes. Obviously I’ve been messing around with Randa’s Fans — the changes aren’t drastic (I think I inherited that from my mother, who agonizes over various shades of cream before deciding to paint her walls the exact … Continue reading

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