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2009 redux

So, I think I’ve done a decent job here since I resumed blogging in September. That’s right, I’m patting myself on the back. However, I confess: I simply do not think I can maintain the delicate balance between my own … Continue reading

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This could be really, really bad … or

The absolute best thing on television!  I am not a fan of all reality tv, but I do love the Amazing Race. Season 15 just wrapped up last weekend, so we’re in the midst of those few dry months per … Continue reading

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Bonne Fête des Lumières

10 years ago I lived in Lyon and got to experience the Fête des Lumières first hand.  I lived next door to the Cathédrale St. Jean (in the long, cream colored apartment building right on the river just to the … Continue reading

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All Alone

While I know that blogs (the good ones anyway) are about the writing, I’m more about the pointing these days.  Apparently it’s what I have time for.  So allow me to point your attention directly toward Lorenzo, perhaps the funniest … Continue reading

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When you’re shopping Amazon this holiday season, remember to help support literacy in the process!  That’s all.

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Catch the Wave

I’m not really interested [yet], but here it is, distilled into a couple of minutes: Google wave

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