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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

This may not seem like the most obvious choice for a photograph representing habit, but I will explain. This week’s challenge asks that we show “something that’s a HABIT. It could be your daily walk to the bus stop, or … Continue reading

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Gray Kitty Gillis

The week Watkins came to live with me I took him to the vet for his shots. He was eight weeks old. As I filled out the forms I left the Name field blank, because I had not decided what … Continue reading

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Memory is Hunger

The title comes from A Moveable Feast, and seemed appropriate. I went back to Lyon for the first time since I left thirteen years ago. Mostly I wandered, and took it all in. The best part of the afternoon was reconnecting … Continue reading

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Age: turned twenty-two Status: single Weighed: a lot less Drink of choice: Zima with Grenadine Milestones: graduated from college; parents sold childhood home; moved to France Worked: in the college writing center; in an antiques shop; as an english teacher … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012 In Review

I haven’t done a retrospective since 2009, but was beginning to think about a 2012 redux when, lo and behold, this week’s weekly photo challenge is all about celebrating 2012 in pictures. So here’s a photographic tribute to two thousand … Continue reading

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My Château

“I wish I had it all on tape.” — Henry Larson in Home for the Holidays — When I subtitled this blog a memory project, it was because I don’t have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. If I did, I would … Continue reading

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Waiting to Be Born

My cousin died eleven years ago today. She was twenty-five that year, I was twenty-four. It was a Tuesday that year, too. I tried to avoid Thanksgiving altogether by purposefully getting wasted the night before, thinking I’d be too ill … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

Subtitled: Christmas Eve 2010, the Sacred and the Profane. First we went to church. Then we had a dance party. Merry Christmas, wherever you find yourself this year.

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Born This Way

As my friend kpc said when she saw this, “I love you as a Tammy.” This was my 6th grade Halloween costume and, oh, what can I say? Apparently I decided to go as a divorced school teacher that year. … Continue reading

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3 Brothers

I love this picture. It stirs something in me; it makes me smile and at the same time makes me profoundly sad. But tomorrow’s picture brings nothing but joy; stay tuned.

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