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Standing Desk: A Month of Standing

When I moved to France I was homesick and overwhelmed by the language and I remember thinking, if only I’d been here a month already. I was twenty-two. A month seemed like forever. Now they fly by. It’s already been … Continue reading

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Standing Desk: Bend and Snap

I’ve been standing for more than a week, and have received lots of feedback and encouragement. Several people have suggested that I will want to purchase some kind of gel mat to stand on, so that’s on my list. The gigantic … Continue reading

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Standing Desk: Getting to know you

My standing desk arrived on Tuesday! Although ironic that I sat down to put it together, I assembled it with IKEA-like ease. Here it is in action: I researched several options, sought advice from colleagues who have constructed standing desks … Continue reading

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I’ve been following the news about the night club fire in Brazil. The numbers change, but currently they are saying that it killed 233 people – scratch that, 234. Sadly, I’ve read this story before – I’ve seen the pictures, … Continue reading

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[Spoiler Alert? This post discusses the beginning and end of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.] It’s awards season, which means that I stayed up past my bedtime last night to watch the Golden Globes and that the theaters are full of movies … Continue reading

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For I Was Hungry and You Fed Me Chick-fil-A

January is a liminal space. It’s cold and dark and so very calm compared to all the chaos of late November and December – it’s the perfect time to be quiet, to both reflect and anticipate, to look back and look … Continue reading

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Some Snarky Updates I Didn’t Post Today

Well, until now I guess. Filed Under: It’s personal, and I’m usually much nicer than this Now you know how 2004 felt. I love that Florida is, literally, irrelevant. You’ve still got Chick-Fil-A Father-Daughter Night. An anagram for the Angel Moroni is … Continue reading

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