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Gallery Night

Two weeks back in the real world, but vacation lingers. One last from Provincetown …

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“A deep blue bowl of perfect days”

I’m still coming down from my Provincetown High. While I was there I discovered the two sweetest words in the English language: Middle Saturday. We raised the bar this year; I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do just … Continue reading

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“I ride my bike through speeds like flavors”

Possibly the best money I spent in Provincetown was the tip I gave the guy at Arnold’s Bicycle Shop to put a comfort seat on my hybrid. He looked at me askance when I asked (he was totally hungover and … Continue reading

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Province Lands

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My Fabulous Mother

The telephone rings Me: Hello? Mom: Oh hey! I thought I’d end up talking to your answering machine it rang so long. Me: No, I just had to run in from the porch to answer. Mom: Well I know you’re … Continue reading

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Tiramisu and Her Friends

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What’s Vacation Without a Little Dancing?

Ntss ntss ntss.

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On Cape

It’s been two years since I’ve been here, and I keep having to remind myself: it’s pronounced¬†Provincetown. And a new header: Finished reading Gloria Vanderbilt’s A Mother’s Story.

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A Home at the End of the World

Technically, that title’s already taken. But this is our home at the end of the world, at least for two weeks.

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