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Talk about robbing the cradle

Here is the latest update from the New York Times about John and Elizabeth Edwards’ separation.  Way to report! “The development comes after Mr. Edwards belatedly admitted last week that he fathered a child in 2007 with his mistress, Rielle … Continue reading

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Mais quoi?

Let the craziness begin! Nancy Kerrigan’s dad died and that, in itself, is sad.  The circumstances surrounding his death, however, are bee-czar.  Her brother’s in jail; I don’t know if he’s an official suspect, but he’s being held on $10,000 … Continue reading

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Now *this* is how to start the week!

I adore Betty White. I looked around for this last night but it must have been posted sometime during the day; so thanks to Pink is the New Blog for pointing me in the right direction. Indeed, Betty White is … Continue reading

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Mme Sheeeld!

Oh my god.  I do a lot of hat tipping, but hat TIP to IHH for lending me her copy of Julia Child’s My Life in France.  I don’t really “do” favorite books, though there are certainly those that stand … Continue reading

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I have never seen anything like this

I ordinarily delete forwarded emails without opening them; who has time?  Because this one came from someone who usually sends particularly funny and often indecent messages (xo CA), however,  I opened it.  And I’m glad I did.  I have seriously … Continue reading

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One year later …

For Christmas this year my brother gave me a copy of David Plouffe’s book, The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama’s Historic Victory.  This was one of several books he gave me, but when I … Continue reading

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God Bless You, JS! (Jon Stewart/Jesus Santa)

This video (which I cannot seem to embed to save my life; help?) is one reason why I choose to worship at the alter of the Daily Show rather than, say, in an actual church. Which is not to say … Continue reading

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On MLK Day, remember

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Douchebag/Hilarious (read: watch out New York!)

In an ironic twist,  when I used to live in Memphis I thought the guy was interesting because he was a Democrat.  Go Gillibrand! More from the Daily beast here and here.

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Help for Haiti

There are astounding vidoes and links below about the truly unbelievable behavior of Rush Limbaugh and Pat Roberston.  But they don’t deserve to be above the fold, so to speak.  More important than anything those two gas bags have ever … Continue reading

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