Bonne Fête des Lumières

10 years ago I lived in Lyon and got to experience the Fête des Lumières first hand.  I lived next door to the Cathédrale St. Jean (in the long, cream colored apartment building right on the river just to the right of center in the photo below), and it was a magnificent evening full of light and sound — and, well, wine and beer.  Each year Lyon gives thanks to Mary (mother of Jesus), who is commemorated for having spared the city from plague way back in the day.  While this might make one wonder what all the other poor sinning cities that weren’t spared must think of this celebration, the events of le 8 Décembre are still quite beautiful.  Live it up, Lyon.  I miss you.

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1 Response to Bonne Fête des Lumières

  1. This Year it’s the 8,9,10 And 11 December!

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