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Not long ago I read Elizabeth McCracken’s beautiful memoir, An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination, in which she writes, “My memory is a goddamn liar.” Turns out so is mine. Perhaps you’ll recall my affinity for ducks? … Continue reading

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Duck, duck … duck!

Last year I wrote about my childhood obsession with ducks. In particular, I had a thing for Mallards.  You might remember that this obsession led me to acquire, in a frighteningly unpredictable twist, my very own taxedermied duck. It’s arguable … Continue reading

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Little Treasures Everywhere

Okay fans, you’ll remember a while back I mentioned my thing for Mallard Ducks. Well guess what I found? Whilst digging through boxes recently I happened to stumble upon, what else?! My duck lint remover!  It’s possible you may have … Continue reading

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Thank God they didn’t eat cats!

When I was younger I had a thing for Mallard ducks. I’m not sure at what age it started, but once I shared it publicly I began to receive duck-themed presents on every gift-giving occasion. This lasted for several years. … Continue reading

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