2009 redux

So, I think I’ve done a decent job here since I resumed blogging in September. That’s right, I’m patting myself on the back. However, I confess: I simply do not think I can maintain the delicate balance between my own sanity and the emotional roller coaster of the holidays that would be required to keep Randa’s Fans going. And thus, another hiatus. But not before we reflect a bit on the highlights from the year:

January: 01/20/09.
February: Randa’s Fans was born; thanks Rat Tail Boy!  Also, traveled to South Carolina to surprise DP for her birthday; while there, got to see 16 year olds with babies in Target.
March: I went to Seattle and finally saw their amazing Public Library, and then never blogged about it.  But if I had, I would have pointed you to these articles and photos: here, here, and here.  Some photos that I took:

I also spent a wonderful week in Denver, got to meet Hazel, and encountered creepy baby doll #1 (in a museum):

April: Spent more time with Hazel and, for Easter, took a page out of Martha Stewart’s book and dyed some beautiful eggs:

May: A little of this, a little of that.  We traveled in May: white water rafted outside Chattanooga, saw family in Greenville and Hilton Head, swung through Charleston and Savannah, and reunited with friends in Atlanta for a wedding.  No sooner did we get back home then, naturally, we moved.

June: Housewarming!
July: presented at a conference in Montreal, and encountered creepy baby doll #2 (at a wedding):

August: we sweated a lot, and went to the White House.
September: I returned to ye ole blog after a summer hiatus, and spent time with wonderful people I absolutely love and adore:

October: we had an amazing weekend; also, toured the gardens and grounds of the White House.  Twice a year, in April and October, the National Park Service opens the South Lawn and distributes tickets for people to get the chance to get up close and personal with things like the Jackie Kennedy Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Oval Office.

November: began the month with a bike ride down to the Mt. Vernon Estate, had a piece of giant Berlin Wall cake, and rounded it out by spending Thanksgiving with friends at their inn in Vermont.

December: The highs and the lows.  We hosted a wonderful tree-trimming party, and also learned that mom has cancer.

That last one may be a bit of a bombshell; it certainly was for us.  But we are hopeful as we take steps toward her surgery on December 29th followed by treatment to begin in January.  Stumbling toward the great unknown, here’s hoping for a happy, healing, healthful 2010.  In the meantime, consider a holiday gift to help fund breast cancer research.

And finally, to wrap, here’s the Daily Beast’s take on 2009’s most embarrassing people.  May as well cap it off on a lite note with a bunch of folks it’s easy to make fun of!

Anyway, there it is: a year in the life.  Truly, there’s so much wonderful, funny shit out there that I may be back with something else grand, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.  Take nothing for granted and let the ones you love know it.

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5 Responses to 2009 redux

  1. chris says:

    Bill, I’m so very sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis and am sending all good wishes for your mom’s quick recovery.

    Happy holidays to you and yours, my favorite Billygoat.

  2. JoeB says:

    Bill, I can’t wait until you end the Hiatus. I look forward to the blog and your updates.
    And, I cannot wait to see you in, lets see, 10 days? I am bringing the whole family to Meg’s. Get ready to hang out with my daughter! How weird is THAT!

  3. Brooke says:

    Bill, We’ll be praying for your mom, her doctors and nurses and your family.

    And, I’m so jealous that you went to the Seattle Pulbic Library or to Seattle in general. I still haven’t been to library and I lived 30 min. away.

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