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In Honor of My Cat’s Sweet Sixteen

His birthday was technically last month, but we are having a celebratory Kitty Cat Cocktail Party this evening. So this is in honor of that. From the April 1st New Yorker. And for fun, here’s the birthday boy. Recently listened … Continue reading

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Keeping it Real

Filed under: haha. From the Feb. 11, 2013 New Yorker. Recently finished Naomi Benaron’s exquisite PEN/Bellwether Prize winning novel, Running the Rift. Tweet

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Consider me – Ann with an E

Absolutely Brilliant. Filed under:┬áThank You Internet. But really, thank you Towleroad. Finished reading Chris Cleave’s Incendiary.

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We’ll Miss You Liz Lemon

Series finale of 30 Rock tonight at 8.

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Oh snap!

“Really? GURL!” Happy Friday! Filed under: General Nonsense, Things that make me happy [Discovered here.] And the latest from Freaky the Scary Snowman.

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Creepier than I thought at first

This has been sitting on our dresser for weeks, waiting to either be packaged up and sent or otherwise taken to our niece and nephew in Colorado – a cute little PRIDE Snoopy that J collected somewhere, a fun toy, … Continue reading

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Modern Guilt

From the New Yorker.

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