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Thank God they didn’t eat cats!

When I was younger I had a thing for Mallard ducks. I’m not sure at what age it started, but once I shared it publicly I began to receive duck-themed presents on every gift-giving occasion. This lasted for several years. … Continue reading

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The best thing I saw today

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Lindten Reflections

The beginning of Lent seems like an appropriate time to take a moment and reflect on the prayer journals I used to keep, which I mentioned once before. These were tiny green notebooks in which I started writing in the … Continue reading

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It made me think

In the universe of expressions I cannot stand, “it made me think” is quite possibly at the tippy tippy top.  I dislike it  primarily because it’s such a cop-out; it made you think about what?  I hear it most frequently … Continue reading

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I miss you Michelle Collins!

Now, there’s not *exactly* anything to miss, as she hasn’t technically gone anywhere that I’m aware of. However, she’s no longer blogging at her old site, rather she followed her own success right over to Best Week Ever, where she … Continue reading

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Rwanda Bibliography

I just finished reading Roméo Dallaire‘s Shake Hands with the Devil: the Failure of Humanity in Rwanda. It was put out by Random House Canada in 2004 and is an amazing read for anyone interested in the Rwandan conflict and … Continue reading

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Rat tails want to be free, pt. 2

While it might sound strange that this guy’s rat tail would cause me to start thinking about blogging, much less that I would be inspired by it, here’s what came to mind: that!shit!took!time!  As I stumbled along on the treadmill, … Continue reading

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