New Header 2011

We had a tradition in our family where, every Christmas Eve, we would go to church. None of that midnight mass business, just a simple early-evening service of lessons and carols.  At the conclusion of the service the congregation would sing [every blessed] verse of the carol, “Silent Night.”  As we sang, we would light the candles that we had been handed as we walked into the sanctuary.  Once everyone’s candle was lit, we would process out of the sanctuary into the church’s front yard, where we would gather (depending on the year) either beneath the stained glass window, around the live nativity scene, or in front of one of the large wooden lawn crosses.  We’d finish singing whatever verse (the hundredth it usually felt like) we were on once everyone finally made it outside, then there would be a benediction, everyone would hug and say Merry Christmas, and then we’d all go home to watch Santa Tracker on the local evening news. My family still attends this service, and when I am home I do, too.  And even though it’s changed some over the years (we no longer process, we just light the candles, sing the verses, and receive the benediction all from the comfort of our seats; I actually liked it better the old way) it’s always been a service that I loved, and I missed it this year.

We spent this Christmas at The Blue Horse Inn (seriously, just go), and on Christmas Eve we attended a service of lessons and carols at the North Universalist Chapel Society.  And, what do you know, they handed us candles as we arrived for the service and at the end we lit them and processed outside!  I don’t remember what we sang as we processed (I don’t think it was “Silent Night”), but it was a bitter cold and snowy twist on a very familiar tradition — once outside, we were instructed to place our candles in the snow, which is where the beautiful photo in my header comes from.  Here it is in full (© JPP 2010):

Then after the service was over we walked two doors down, poured several cocktails, and had a dance party.

It was a very Merry Christmas.

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5 Responses to New Header 2011

  1. Pickle Freak says:

    My family goes to a very similar Xmas eve service and this year while the attendees ahead of us proceeded down for communion, my 7 year old niece leaned over and asked “Aunt Katy are you EVER going to get married?” I like laughing out loud in church.

  2. randasfans says:

    I like laughing out loud anywhere, and that did it!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Man, those photos made me miss you so much!

  4. randasfans says:

    Thanks, E! Tina and I talk about you all the time.

  5. Keri Cole says:

    It was the most merry.

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