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Québec Ville

A few final photos from our time in Québec City, including a New Header: Runner up: Where we stayed: Hôtel du Vieux Québec (recommend highly): And a few more … One of my favorites:

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On Cape

It’s been two years since I’ve been here, and I keep having to remind myself: it’s pronounced Provincetown. And a new header: Finished reading Gloria Vanderbilt’s A Mother’s Story.

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Keri’s Gardens

Between Keri and Pierre, there is a lot of beauty in the world. Here are a few shots from the BHI and its post-Irene lawn improvement project. On an unrelated gardening note (which is really an unrelated book note because I … Continue reading

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New Header: Book Arts

There [at the Boston Athenaeum], I not only turned up the three elegantly printed volumes on a remote shelf in a basement storeroom, but found them in remarkably pristine condition, with pages that had remained uncut, and presumably unread, after … Continue reading

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Flower Country

Filed under: a little beauty for your Friday. These were taken outside the Buena Vista Winery, where Millie was a little pushy about joining their wine club, but otherwise the vintages were delicious and we bought a couple of Chardonnays … Continue reading

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New Header +

We attended HRC‘s National Dinner on Saturday. More photos coming soon, but the new header is cropped from this picture of the after party stage, which featured Mika. I had heard of him, and I recognized one song. Otherwise, I … Continue reading

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The Blue Horse Inn Retreat and Wellness Center

Somehow the summer just keeps going by. I want it to last forever, but of course it won’t. It isn’t that I really love summer, or that I want it to actually last forever — who in their right mind … Continue reading

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Randa’s Lament

I seriously cannot get my act together these days to commit to *any* posts here at Randa’s Fans. I just checked the queue and I have twenty-one drafts in it, in various stages of writtenness. Maybe I’ll get around to … Continue reading

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New Header

Taken in the Garden of the Gods. Here’s the original image, plus a couple of others that I considered.

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Thanks for having me

In honor of my new header, we take a moment to look back.

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