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Books of the Year: There’s A Lot to Read

It’s that time of year: everyone’s starting to put out their best-of lists for 2012. Here are a few: Here’s the top ten from DC’s local independent bookseller, Politics & Prose. Here’s a twist, from Slate: the top twenty books … Continue reading

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Freedom of Religion

I’m up early to write, and I saw this and thought it was perfect for a rainy Sunday morning. Source:

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The Terrible Twos

Happy Belated Birthday, Randa’s Fans.  I can’t believe you’re 2.  The time has flown.

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This is not a cry for help

It’s just that, sometimes, a card really says it best.

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Merry Merry!

I’ve been working on a new project and have thus kind of abandoned the blog here, which is sort of stating the obvious.  And now, travel.  So Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.  Hug the ones you love, keep the … Continue reading

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See you when I get back

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Happy Early Summer

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