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For I Was Hungry and You Fed Me Chick-fil-A

January is a liminal space. It’s cold and dark and so very calm compared to all the chaos of late November and December – it’s the perfect time to be quiet, to both reflect and anticipate, to look back and look … Continue reading

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Bye, Ray

One question I’ve been asked a lot recently is what will I remember most about Raybo, or what was my *favorite* memory? The quick answer to what I’ll remember most about him would be his daughters: Cricket, Amos, and Margaret (aka … Continue reading

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Duck, duck … duck!

Last year I wrote about my childhood obsession with ducks. In particular, I had a thing for Mallards.  You might remember that this obsession led me to acquire, in a frighteningly unpredictable twist, my very own taxedermied duck. It’s arguable … Continue reading

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Give me [Lady] Liberty or give me … wait

Ummm, thanks to Towleroad for pointing to this story out of Charleston, SC — where there is a proposal afoot to erect a male version of the Statue of Liberty in Charleston Harbor. At this point it’s only a proposal. … Continue reading

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God Bless You, JS! (Jon Stewart/Jesus Santa)

This video (which I cannot seem to embed to save my life; help?) is one reason why I choose to worship at the alter of the Daily Show rather than, say, in an actual church. Which is not to say … Continue reading

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Oh My Blog!

Apparently it’s not possible to embed Flickr slideshows on WordPress; ummm, 20 points from WordPress.  Now, while I would like to blame my absence on WordPress deficiencies, I can’t.  I just haven’t felt like posting.  It’s been one crazy summer … Continue reading

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