Free Book Friday: Beautiful Ruins

It’s the first Free Book Friday here at Randa’s Fans!

It won’t happen every Friday, but when I have a book in good condition that I no longer need or want to keep for whatever reason, I have decided to start giving them away.

The price? Your memories.

It’s simple: the one I like best gets the book.

Seem biased? Sound a little unfair? Think about it like we’re playing Apples to Apples, or Cards Against Humanity. You’re playing to the judge. It’s all in fun, but the goal is to make me laugh/cry/snort/smile/say awww/etc.

Love to read? Want to play? Share your memories and let’s see how this goes.

The first book I’m giving away is Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins. A friend of mine gave me her copy, and now that I am finished with it I want to pass it on. It’s a Harper Perennial paperback edition in good condition.

So, this week, leave a comment and tell me about the first time you realized you could read for pleasure, that you could read for reasons far better than because someone told you to. I was a sophomore in high school and a friend lent me her battered copy of Dean Koontz’s Cold Fire. While I was reading it I realized there was nothing else I would rather be doing; reading was fun. I started saving lawn mowing money to buy trade paperbacks of every Koontz novel I could find. It was a thriller with sci-fi elements, and it transported me completely.

I’ll pick my favorite next Wednesday. If you are the winner then in a private message I will get your mailing address* and will send you my copy of Beautiful Ruins, no strings attached. I look forward to hearing from you!

*For now I’m only mailing to the lower 48.

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3 Responses to Free Book Friday: Beautiful Ruins

  1. Jill says:

    I cannot remember a time I didn’t love to read – purely for pleasure. It is hard to recall the books I loved to read beginning at the age of three, but I do remember The Three Little Kittens with fondness. The Scholastic book flyer we all received throughout elementary school was like crack to me. Just one more book, please mom!! The first series of books I remember being addicted to was the V.C. Andrews’ books that began with Flowers in the Attic. Throughout Jr. High School I lived for the next installment in each series of her books.
    There is nothing like being lost in a book – wondering about the characters while you’re away from them actually going to school. I used to put one in my book bag and read it during lunch oblivious to everything and everyone around me.

  2. randasfans says:

    Sometimes the first shall be first (and sometimes only)! Thanks so much for your comment. I love the detail of the Scholastic Book Flyer and the image of it being like crack. Clearly I need to do some more work figuring out how to publicize a giveaway, but I’m so happy that you left a comment – the book is yours!

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