Standing Desk: Getting to know you

My standing desk arrived on Tuesday! Although ironic that I sat down to put it together, I assembled it with IKEA-like ease. Here it is in action:


I researched several options, sought advice from colleagues who have constructed standing desks in other ways, and eventually I bought this kit for $79.99 on Amazon. Ultimately it’s a personal decision about what works for you, your height, your personality, and your space. While more expensive, this seemed both sturdier and like less of a commitment – it is easily removable if I need or want to revert to sitting. Observations so far:


  • the surface height is perfect (I’m 5’11”)
  • easy to assemble
  • it’s very sturdy and so – and this was an important consideration for me that might not be for others – I can write on it and it doesn’t wobble


  • a little pricey (though depending on where you work your office/company may be willing to pay for it)
  • it’s not deep enough – the fine print in the packaging indicates that “The Speedy stand works best with your laptop.” Unfortunately, my work computer is a traditional desktop and the standing desk is only 15″ deep, so
  • I have to set the screen to the side, so my head is turned slightly in order to see it, which is not ergonomically sound

Field notes:

End of first hour: a Bridget-Jones like hurrah! Standing! Still in the new, exciting phase – wish it were deeper. Should I have bought two of them?

End of second hour: tempted to sit down, wonder what’s happening on Facebook; New Improved Standing Bill is less inclined to check.

End of first day standing: wait, now I have to walk to the vet and then walk home? But I’ve been standing! 

Beginning of day two: my wrist hurts. Is this because the mouse is at the wrong height/angle, or did I just sleep on it wrong?

Minutes later: ohmygod I have Carpal tunnel.

Middle of day two: It feels like it’s more difficult to dick around online. I feel more productive, although this could be a total mind trick.

End of day two: I’m scheduled to get a bigger monitor soon, so now concerned that working at fancy new standing desk will feel like sitting on the front row at a movie theater.

I’m going to experiment with it and give it some time. One of the key points, though, is that I haven’t been sitting all day!


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12 Responses to Standing Desk: Getting to know you

  1. Keri Cole says:

    Be sure to wear good, supportive shoes. Should you be wearing compression hose? What about varicose veins?!?!?!?!? Perhaps this is not a concern for men…

  2. Kim says:

    Lord. I sit in half lotus in a Wal-Mart chair when I’m not teaching. I have considered getting one of those balls to sit on, which activate your core all day. Do keep us posted.

    • randasfans says:

      I have a colleague who uses a ball, or she used to. I wanted something that actually got me up and, if not moving, at least not sitting. I will definitely update.

  3. O. Closely says:

    Bravo to you! Considerations: if the ergonomics of the screen angle, height, and mouse position are not right, benefits might be all negated by other striains/injuries. Like your maybe not imaginary carpal. Might also consider one of those leaning stools too. Anyway, good for you!

    • randasfans says:

      I’m going to keep a close eye on the wrist, to make sure I’m not doing more harm than good. It’s going to take some tweaking, but mostly I’m excited about it.

  4. DayMartin says:

    I got the Stand Steady from Amazon. It is more expensive at around $140, but it adjusts to my height (I’m only 5’3″) and is 20 inches deep . I’ve been using it for a year and love it!

  5. randasfans says:

    Hmmm, that might have been the way to go – I really like the width of this one, but the depth of the Stand Steady seems ideal. Thanks for your comment and thanks for the link! I’m glad to know you’re a year in and happy!

  6. Sweet! It definitely takes some days to get used to. In the first week it was a bit more tiring, but now I have more energy from standing. My quick recommendations:
    – Get a padded mat to stand on (you can find them with office/desk stuff, not expensive)
    – Take care of your wrists, as you noted.
    – Remember not to slouch, or lean on the desk, or favor 1 foot/hip, etc. Keep up good posture, just like when you were seated.
    – Enjoy sitting when you can! I used to always want to stand at lunch, meetings, etc., because I sat so much. Now that I stand at my desk I look forward to sitting elsewhere.

  7. randasfans says:

    Thanks, JohnnyB. These are excellent observations – and good posture is a good reminder (I find it sweet that you think I had good posture when I was seated)! It’s quite easy to get sassy and fling a hip out or go full akimbo. To enjoy sitting when I can sounds so simple, but is also really helpful.

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