Atelier Jacques Rémus

“J’aime voir les formes mécaniques en mouvement et leur résonnance dans l’air et dans la lumière. Et je reste toujours fasciné quand je contemple les vibrations des énergies qui se déploient et se transforment.”
— Jacques Rémus, Manifeste

One of the highlights of our time in Paris, and part of the magic of Paris, was spending an afternoon with sound sculptor, Jacques Rémus, in his studio at Les Frigos.




Jacques is a visual artist, a sculptor, and he is also a composer, a musician, an engineer, and a biologist. Here he experiments with sound and movement, inviting the students to actively engage with and participate in the art he is creating.





Jacques makes music with light, three giant metal cylinders on hinges, and a blowtorch. The sound was incredible.


Among other things, he is known for his large scale sound installations – sculptures that he builds often using found objects – like old washing machines – and turning them into musical instruments that he then programs using computer software. We left his studio at Les Frigos and walked for about fifteen minutes to another studio space where he constructs these larger projects, this one in an underground cave that was used to stable horses during the reign of Napoleon III.








Bill on the adventure tour

It’s difficult to describe what it was like to experience Jacques’ work up close. I took a couple of shaky videos from the second studio, where the machines came alive with his creations – the first is a version of Ravel’s “Bolero;” I don’t have a title for the second one.

Lastly, this is a video taken during the Paris course a couple of years ago – unfortunately this year we did not have the chance to visit the Museum of Fairground Art, but the footage is fantastic – and actually produced by real film makers, so enjoy!

A Day with Jacques Remus from Mike Rogers on Vimeo.


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