Books of the Year: There’s A Lot to Read

It’s that time of year: everyone’s starting to put out their best-of lists for 2012. Here are a few:

Hilary Mantel is showing up on most lists, for her Man Booker winning sequel to her Man Booker winning Wolf Hall, Bring Up the Bodies. She is the first woman to win the prize twice, only the third author, and it has never been awarded (I don’t think) for a sequel. I go through sixteenth century phases, so the next time I find myself in one I’ll look forward to reading these – along with the great Margaret George’s new novel, the subject of which is none other than Elizabeth I. Since I’m such a slow reader, let’s hope the next phase is a long one.

There’s a great profile of Hilary and her work in the October 15 New Yorker, and she was recently interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

And, just for fun, ten writing tips from Zadie Smith, one of which is to read a lot of books.

Recently read The Muffin Muncher, by Stephen Cosgrove.

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