Bread & Health

The last post about wine for a while? Maybe so.

These are some photos taken at a wine tasting hosted at a beautiful mountain farm in Vermont. They don’t do the landscape justice, but I like them as a reminder of a pleasant evening with good wine and even better company. Once we found the place.

The farm’s proprietors also own and run the most delightful osteria in Woodstock Village, pane e salute, where we were fortunate enough to be their guests one evening for dinner. The whole experience was an aesthetic feast: a perfect combination of scents, tastes, and design. It was my last night in Woodstock this trip, and a perfect coda to the week. As they say on their website, “Our restaurant is not designed for those in a hurry.” We could have stayed all night.

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1 Response to Bread & Health

  1. Keri Cole says:

    Gorgeous! You’ve just reminded me of a few wines that must needs be added to our cellar…

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