Downton Abbey Returns

I don’t normally do recaps or reviews, and this is neither, but I am talking about a television show because a) I’m in love with Masterpiece Classics’ Downton Abbey and b) someone asked me what I thought about last night’s season 2 premier, and once I’d thought about an answer I figured I would burp it out into the zeitgeist. (Wouldn’t Violet find the Internet so common? I would love to hear her hold forth.)

Despite the warnings from the future, I tuned in to last night’s season 2 premier and I enjoyed it. They said I probably would. Although there is something damn tough about sitting in one’s own living room for an hour and fifty minutes without a pause button (a very upstairs thing for me to stay, I know). I was not prepared. I had to scamper off once in the first hour to pee and once in the second hour to fix a whiskey cider.

Otherwise, a few thoughts:

  • Edith is hideous and I laugh every time she gets her heart broken or has shit spilled on her at dinner.
  • As soon as Anna said she had never been happier I could practically hear Maria Doyle Kennedy (who until just this instant I apparently thought was the same person as Mary McDonnell from Dances With Wolves, whoops) clopping up the driveway dressed as Catherine of Aragon and plotting into her sleeve. I still have high hopes for Anna and Batesie, though.
  • Odious O’Brien — couldn’t have put it better. Her bang curls look like cartoon dog poop.
  • They tried really hard last night to make Thomas a sympathetic character, and it almost worked. Almost.
  • Those baby blues get me every time.

  • Maggie Smith can do no wrong; she absolutely rules every scene she is in. Case in point:

On the whole, none of it was quite as exciting as I’d hoped, and it has been predicted that I’ll grow bored or frustrated with the story lines, but I’m still glad it’s back and, for now, I’m all in. Although I may end up watching it online, so I can have my pause and rewind buttons back.

Which character are you?

There are two online quizzes to determine your character from Downton Abbey. Think you’re the same character twice? I wasn’t. In the WETA character quiz, I scored Sybil.

Lady Sybil Crawley

Lady Sybil Crawley

You are Lady Sybil Crawley. The youngest daughter of Lord Grantham, you’re compassionate, strong, and really concerned about social justice. You’d also like to be able to vote. The bravest and most idealistic member of your family, you’re the most likely to end up at a political rally, try and help a servant to a better job, or scandalize your sisters by wearing pants to a party.

I like Sybil, but I was kinda hoping for downstairs. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Guardian character quiz. With my second chance for downstairs on the line, not only did I rate upstairs again, but I was arguably the most upstairs of all, the Dowager Countess!

You are the Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith). You do not suffer fools gladly. In fact you do not suffer anything at all because you refuse to entertain any form of discomfort in your life whatsoever.

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5 Responses to Downton Abbey Returns

  1. I got Anna and Mr. Bates respectively. A match made in heaven if I do say so myself! Love this show so much.

    • randasfans says:

      Oh, man. You got the coveted combo! I thought I had some downstairs magic working with the pint of stout, but suspect I ruined everything with what sort of people annoy me the most.

  2. Jenna says:

    I was obliged to watch the Broncos play yesterday and missed the new season! I LOVE your rendering of O’Brien! Can’t wait!

  3. apopalyptic says:

    Ma’ma and I just finished season 1 and to our delight, season 2 is on iTunes (we’ve missed the first five episodes, you see, and couldn’t possibly go without!). Okay I’ll stop speaking in turn of the century British English now.

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