Before the waters of Christmas close over me

I’ve been anticipating Christmas, some might say dreading it, since last summer. And now, almost suddenly despite its protracted inevitability (as J’s dad writes in his annual holiday masterpiece, “We are just shy of Thanksgiving, but as usual the holiday letter innuendos began with the first Christmas sale commercials back in April and have mounted steadily since”), it is here. This is rarely a good time of year for the blog, for any writing. It’s a time of year that calls for other creative pursuits, like mixing holiday cocktails and tree trimming.

So we spruced the place up, arranged the flowers, lit the lights, poured the drinks, and threw a small party to trim the tree.







For the past three years I’ve gotten our tree from the local Lions Club tree lot near campus; here is this years in its stand, watered and lit, with the ornaments set out.


(I hung the token first ornament, and placed the star on top.)





Then we boozed up the guests and they set to work (and I forgot to take pictures). But the results are wonderful, and we’ve been exceedingly grateful every day since.






And a couple from the morning after.



Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, and big love for 2012.

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7 Responses to Before the waters of Christmas close over me

  1. Keri Cole says:

    I love your ornaments! (And that CB2 futon!) Just what is your cocktail of choice this season, Randa?

    • randasfans says:

      The couch is fab; I had great inspiration. As for the cocktail, it was a minor fail — here’s my assessment of the Candy Cane Cocktail: Good news = it’s super easy, 2 parts vanilla vodka to one part peppermint schnapps, shake and finish with tonic. As the candy cane disintegrates the drink turns a festive holiday pinkish. Bad news = it had subtle hints of cough syrup. A couple of guests kept the liquor ratio and mixed it with Ginger Ale instead, and were pleased. I thought about mixing with seltzer instead of tonic, but instead just abandoned ship and went for the trusted Dappled Jack, always a crowd pleaser. If you have suggestions let me know. During my convalescence this past week I’ve been having Rye with apple cider, a tradition that I believe got started last year when I was at your place for Christmas.

      I’m a fan of the ornaments, too. Some are from my childhood, some from J’s (many from their Christmas in India). Others are new, and the balls of course are just to be flashy.

  2. Wendy says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing your precious face this Christmas, even if only for a brief visit and a hug, although I would much rather enjoy cocktails with you! Please send me a text when you get to town. Love to you and Jeremy!

  3. JoeB says:

    Are you making the trek southward for the festivities? I wish I could make it, but I am stuck with work.

  4. kim says:

    You need to throw another party to take it all down — that’s the part I dread.

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