The Grand Palais Garnier

One of my favorite buildings in Paris.






The bustling Place de l’Opéra.


And the Galeries Lafayette glowing in the background.



An approximation of a conversation on the train leaving Place de l’Opéra:

J: Isn’t that where Phantom of the Opera happened?
Me: It’s inspired by it, yes. There’s really a lake underneath it.
J: Right, that’s where it’s set — I remember something about that. Or maybe I’m thinking of Les Miz. Either way. I fell asleep during both.

One of my favorite parts of the Opera house is the ceiling, painted by Marc Chagall in 1964. His use of color is a wonder. I didn’t go inside this visit so no photos, but there is a great image in the linked article.

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2 Responses to The Grand Palais Garnier

  1. Jill Johnson says:

    Bill dear,
    Just stunning! I have loved all the photos and updates. I love knowing you and J are there and I’m sending my love and since we’re coming upon Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for your friendship. Hug to J-

  2. Margaret says:

    oh…..Weezer still has that picture in her house…..stunning

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