We’re staying in the Marais, between Place de la Bastille and St. Paul. There’s a book on the shelf here that very briefly mentions our building.

From Alexandre Gady’s The Marais: A historical and architectural guide, “Before the Revolution this house belonged to the nuns of Malnoue Abbey, who rented it out. It was occupied by the notary Boutet. While the upper parts have been deformed by unsightly additions, the street frontage still has the wide old coach entrance with an opening of ironwork bars.”

While I’m not really sure what unsightly additions he is talking about, words about architecture that strike the average American: before the Revolution …

Anyway, here is the old coach entrance that is mentioned in the book.



It opens onto a long, open-air corridor that leads to another gate and the courtyard.



Our apartment is just to the right.


Outside, across the Rue St. Antoine, there is a view toward the Place des Vosges. This is what you see the instant you step through that old wooden coach door (or to be perfectly obnoxious about it, the view that greets me every morning).


And down the street to the right is Place de la Bastille.




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