Rêve-ing on the Rue de Rivoli

Well not quite: we’re just down the street on the Rue St. Antoine, but it’s basically the same street in the heart of the Marais in Paris’s 4th arrondissement.

We have rented an apartment one block off the Place des Vosges, surrounded by brasseries, cafes, bakeries, and bars. It’s an 18th century building, and the apartment has the stone walls and the wood-beamed ceilings to prove it.



It has also been thoughtfully updated and has a cozy, contemporary feel to it — a perfect home base for our eight days in Paris.











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5 Responses to Rêve-ing on the Rue de Rivoli

  1. Margaret says:

    you’ve coma a LONG way baby! That apartment is ENORMOUS compared to your last abode across the pond!

  2. randasfans says:

    Ha! Yes, and there are very few people who would know that first hand. The building is remarkably similar; what’s different is that I’m on the first-second floor, instead of living up in the roof without windows!

  3. Keri Cole says:

    My jealousy is EXQUISITE.

  4. Jan says:

    Nice! Nice! As I recall, there is a patio attached, right? In fine weather could you have a dinner party out there?

  5. randasfans says:

    No patio, but there is a nice courtyard onto which the front door opens — wouldn’t dine out there, though the weather has been brilliant so far; crisp, clear, and bright.

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