Cyndi Lauper presents —

To conclude the formal program at HRC’s National Dinner, Cyndi Lauper gave a mini-concert.



She started with Time After Time. It was a moving moment, so I recorded it. The hands of a woman at the table next to me were also moving — constantly, as she clapped throughout the entire song. I can’t really begrudge her for having a good time and rocking out a little bit, but I did want to turn to her on multiple occasions to ask politely for her to shut the f!#k up. So you’ll have to excuse the metronomic clapping sounds.





And here’s a rough video of Cyndi performing her classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” otherwise known as the Utter Maddening Capriciousness of White People Partying.

She did another song or two and then sent the people off with a beautiful rendition of True Colors.

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2 Responses to Cyndi Lauper presents —

  1. Keri Cole says:

    How old is that woman? She looks awesome! I’ll take whatever she’s having…

  2. randasfans says:

    58. And

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