Randa’s Lament

I seriously cannot get my act together these days to commit to *any* posts here at Randa’s Fans. I just checked the queue and I have twenty-one drafts in it, in various stages of writtenness. Maybe I’ll get around to actually posting one or two of them at some point. Humbly seeking Fan Forgiveness. BUT! On the upside, the book project is coming along … were I an ascetic, or otherwise unemployed, it might even be done by now. But as neither is the case, it’s getting written just like Anne Lamott said, bird by bird.

I include one of those old drafts here; lighten up the queue a bit! These are a few pictures I snapped a couple of weeks ago out in Colorado — H and Amma are having a picnic in the yard at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. The menu featured fried chicken, pie, milk, and water. Yum!

Here they are right before meal time.

Amma serves H.

And now H serves Amma.

Nom nom nom.

By all accounts, it was delicious!

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

P.S. The new header image was also taken at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. Here’s the full image.

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5 Responses to Randa’s Lament

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Is that your niece? She’s adorable!

  2. Keri Cole says:

    Randa, she is adorbs, and you know how I feel about chilluns.

  3. randasfans says:

    Yes, our niece! She’s wonderful.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Only 20 drafts left to go. Get to work!

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