Born This Way

As my friend kpc said when she saw this, “I love you as a Tammy.”

This was my 6th grade Halloween costume and, oh, what can I say? Apparently I decided to go as a divorced school teacher that year. On the list of things that doth inspire, I would include:

  • one bulbous white blouse
  • one fire engine red polyester skirt (the more awkward the length the better) with matching turtle neck
  • one perfectly enormous rope-knit purse, and perhaps best of all
  • gray high heels with sateen ribbon ankle ties

I reprised the costume for the church Halloween Carnival, although I traded in these shoes for a pair of hunter green pleather pumps.

Love this?  Then go here.

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4 Responses to Born This Way

  1. Margaret says:

    honey…I’m speechless! You ARE rockin’ the heels!!!

  2. kim says:

    Another thing we have in common: I loved Tammy too. Knew every word to every song and can remember belting it out (un-seat-belted) from the backseat of an Oldsmobile. And now I live just a mile from her old house!

  3. Emily says:


  4. randasfans says:

    Isn’t it, simply, fabulous?

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