3 Brothers

I love this picture. It stirs something in me; it makes me smile and at the same time makes me profoundly sad.

But tomorrow’s picture brings nothing but joy; stay tuned.

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6 Responses to 3 Brothers

  1. Margaret says:

    beautiful! It’s like looking at three little Jeanne’s…with some Dobbie sparkle!

  2. Kerry says:

    It makes me feel sad too.

  3. randasfans says:

    Ha, Madge! Totally.

  4. Keri Cole says:

    Oh, Randa. Makes me feel like having an 8am margarita for you.

  5. randasfans says:

    Nothing wrong with that!

  6. Randa says:

    You’re all so beautiful! Does that La-Z-Boy rock, recline, swivel, or all of the above? And I’m just positive that the three frames behind yall are adorable picture montages of the three amazing Gillis boys!

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