à bientôt

As I might have mentioned, I’m going on vacation.  Thus my late summer blog slump begins.  Last year I got back in the swing of things around Labor Day.  This year I hope to be back before then.  In the meantime, enjoy some of these random shots I’ve taken in recent weeks, and I’ll be back soon.

Truly a feast for the eyes, I encountered this amazing lesson in matching while on a DCPL tour of the old St. Elizabeths Hospital campus, soon to be the new home for the Department of Homeland Security.

I just liked this assortment of taps; I was particularly drawn to the 312.

Same theme, different night: I found this perched on the back of a urinal:

In a moment of domestic divadom, I recently repainted a shelf on the back porch. Even though we wanted to paint it green, somehow we managed to purchase paint about which, once we got home, we both remarked: hmmm, that’s awfully yellow. The kicker? The paint color is Yellow River. Geniuses. Turns out we both love it.

We decided to become members of the DC Preservation League this summer, so in addition to St. Elizabeths we also toured the Old Naval Observatory on 23rd Street. While I could go on and on about both tours, I’ll spare you.  But here are a few photos I took that evening.

The Old Observatory’s main building, with Moon (I’m a goob, so I thought it was fitting):

Here’s JPP behind the Old Observatory and in front of the new United States Institute for Peace. Our tour guide did not like this building at all, but I think it’s pretty great. You can learn more about the new building here.

And finally, a quick snap shot of the Kennedy Center as we left the Observatory, looking down over E Street.  I really do enjoy living in DC.

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2 Responses to à bientôt

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Avoid that watermelon beer like the plague. It’s nasty stuff. Also, have a great vacation!

  2. randasfans says:

    Ha! Thanks for the heads up; I’ve never actually had it, I just thought the can was pretty.

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