Shut up

Okay, so after a rip roaring first week of Couch to 5K, I may have skipped a week. Well, I didn’t technically skip it, because I did meet with a trainer.

Named Melvin.

And then afterward I was so a) sore and b) demoralized that I just didn’t happen to go back. Melvin was a nice fellow about the size of a chic, Euro-style refrigerator. He took me on a “circuit.” Ever the disciplined pupil, I watched as he performed each exercise and then did my best to mimic him, all while asking questions about posture, hand and neck positioning, muscle groups, and irreversible injury. I’m not sure he thought I was taking it very seriously.

Unfortunately for Melvin he ruined any chance for a future with me when, in an attempt to answer a question I asked about proper form while yanking on a rope to strengthen my triceps, he said: “You know, like when you’re playing football.”  I looked at him something like this:

Anyway, even though this is my third week, I’m on week two of the program. I’m feeling hopeful about things so, as I’ve said before, we’ll see …

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6 Responses to Shut up

  1. Jan says:

    If it’s possible to wake the dead with the loudness of a guffaw, I just did it.
    I. Love. You. XXXXOOOO

  2. randasfans says:

    This comment made my day!!

  3. Aimee says:

    This post just made me miss you so much…I’m applying for a job in DC by the way.

  4. randasfans says:

    Aimee, tell me everything; send me an email — I can’t wait to hear details!

  5. Ehrika says:

    OMG this entry just made me explode with excitement that we’re going to see you in in just 5 days!

  6. randasfans says:

    Woo hoo — I’m seriously counting the minutes; no, seconds!!

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