Pickleback Crush (following up)

After I published last week’s Restorative Cocktail post, a Complete Doll sent me this link to a Washington Post column about what is apparently the grapefruit cocktail, the Grapefruit Crush.

WAPO evidently employs “Going Out Gurus” (mild gagging sounds) as part of its going out guide.  These people dispense advice about the DC scene, and in this week’s column they answer specific questions, two of which are of vital importance.

First this reply, in response to a reader’s question about where to find a Grapefruit Crush in the District:

“Grapefruit crushes are perhaps my favorite beach drink. The only place I know of in D.C. proper that makes them the traditional way — grapefruit vodka, fresh-squeezed grapefruit, lemon-lime soda — is the cafe at Rugby. In Virginia, I’m fairly certain Mango Mike’s does these as well (they make them at the sister restaurant in Bethany Beach), but I’m usually ordering tiki drinks when I’m there.”

So this is one answer to my question about other ways to enjoy grapefruit vodka.

Tearing off to another subject, though, the Gurus next tackle a question about picklebacks:

Q: “Do any bars in D.C. serve picklebacks (a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice)? I found them all over in NYC a few months ago and thought they would have made their way down here by now, but I haven’t seen them outside of my apartment!

I’ve had picklebacks at a good number of D.C. cocktail bars, including the Passenger, Tabard Inn and PS 7’s. It’s just that most places don’t have them on the menu, so you have to ask, and have a bartender who’s willing to get pickle brine for you. The most original variation I’ve seen is at the Star and Shamrock on H Street, where they’ll give you a kosher pickleback to go with the Jewish deli theme.”

I was already hip to the pickleback because of Pickle Freak’s intrepid investigation of them in New York back in May.  I wish the article had given a bit more discussion to the types and qualities of brines around town.  But now thanks to the Gurus, I know where to go in DC to have a proper one — e.g. so I no longer have to sit at home with my bottle of JD and a bendy straw stuck down in the Vlasic jar.

Anyone wanna go with me?!

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2 Responses to Pickleback Crush (following up)

  1. randasfans says:

    Martha, you’re on!

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