Stop exercising if …

Let me tell you about this little warning sticker that I found affixed to the handlebar of my exercycle at the gym. Here’s the scene: I am slumped over on a stationary bike, riding along through the Slough of Despond, when suddenly I notice a warning that says if I become faint, dizzy, or exhausted I should stop exercising immediately.  Exhausted? Is this a joke? If I become exhausted I should stop exercising? Really? ‘Cuz fuck you! There I was pedaling along, calmly hyperventilating thinking about Jesus’ premature death at my age, when suddenly I discover there’s an out … ?! I just have to become exhausted, then I should stop?! But I knew it was more complicated than that; thus my momentary excitement turned quickly to despair. I realize that most people in the gym are like Rat Tail Boy, but nothing about it comes naturally for me.

Anyway, the couch to 5K in 9 weeks seems like a good idea, and maybe it will be. I’m hoping that it at least gets fun at some point. I finished my first week! I’m no Julie Powell, but I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, read this.

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3 Responses to Stop exercising if …

  1. Jill says:

    That notice is for old farts and though you may be a bit of a crank– old you are not! Keep on pumpin’ sugar! OxOx

  2. randasfans says:

    I am old in spirit. And the warning still bothers me, but thanks for the encouragement! I’ll have to tell you about meeting the trainer Melvin sometime …

  3. Jan says:

    “I’m hoping that it at least gets fun at some point. ” [chuckle] I hear this magically occurs when the dopamine kicks in. Hope for the dopamine. (See also “hedonic system” and “ventral pallidum”. This is complicated business.)

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