Jesus Christ!

Two Jesus-related items from the week.  The first, I refer to affectionately as cock-and-balls-Jesus.  Numerous bloggers caught this a few weeks ago; I saw it courtesy of Towleroad.  Just Google “jesus abs oklahoma” and you’ll see.  (Don’t, however, Google “cock and balls Jesus,” like I did, unless you want to see other things.)  Apparently this ten foot tall crucifix is causing quite a stir.  Here’s a picture:

Moving on to other crazy Jesus shenanigans — try Googling “dogs butt Jesus.”  It’s an old story, but it’s brand new to me!  It’s from a site called Bits and Pieces (whose tag line is: we scour the web so you don’t have to, which I appreciate). I know that The Blessed Virgin makes occasional appearances in grilled cheese sandwiches, and that people with more money than sense buy that shit up. I’ve even heard of Jesus showing up in a grease stain, as well as on car windows on cool mornings. But a dog’s butthole?  Look closely (but not too too):

It’s saying something that there is a Wikipedia page dedicated entirely to “perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena.”  I’m just not sure what it’s saying.

Anyway, have a great weekend.

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