Duck, duck … duck!

Last year I wrote about my childhood obsession with ducks. In particular, I had a thing for Mallards.  You might remember that this obsession led me to acquire, in a frighteningly unpredictable twist, my very own taxedermied duck. It’s arguable that, growing up in the South, such a gift was entirely predictable. But it just never occurred to me; I didn’t see it coming. I updated that post last fall when I stumbled upon my duck lint remover while going through some boxes.  You may remember, too, that there were other duck-themed gifts and accessories that I acquired over the years. On my recent trip to Memphis I was able to collect some evidence, which I thought you might enjoy.

Exhibit A: Duck box (1 of 2), wooden, gorgeous

Exhibit B: Duck book ends (set 1 of 2; I don’t know where the second set is); somehow, this is the uglier of the two sets —

Exhibit C: Stunning water color painted by yours truly —

Exhibit D: Duck box (2 of 2), plastic, gift from 6th grade girlfriend, sadly missing complementary duck tray —

Exhibit E: Custom sham for throw pillows; at one time complemented hunter green duck bed spread —

Exhibit F: PLUSH DUCK!

Exhibit G: Duck painting by actual artist Elaine Neeley

Sometimes I love going home.

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3 Responses to Duck, duck … duck!

  1. Pickle Freak says:

    Aren’t you obligated to be obsessed with ducks as a child in Memphis? I had a cherished SOAP collection as a child (yes, soap)…and one of my many treasures was a duck shaped soap from the Peabody. Sigh, what a relief I don’t collect silly stuff anymore!!!

  2. randasfans says:

    Well you know what a sucker I am for a *theme.* Apparently it started early. And no, ducks were not a required affection in my household — family themes-that-bordered-on-obsession growing up were Jesus, America, and the Ole Miss Rebels. I love that you had a soap duck from the Peabody; I peed at the Peabody during Music Fest a few weekends ago.

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