Traveling Man

My title is inspired by the amazing song by Dolly Parton (which is amazing, if for no other reason, because she’s the only person I’ve ever known who could rhyme a’courtin’ with ought’n).  Over the past six weeks I’ve been traveling a lot more than I’ve been updating, and a whole lot more than I normally do.  Maybe now that things are settling down I will update more. At least I’ve got something to update about!

Most recently I was in Memphis, visiting family and friends and hitting (briefly) the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival.  More about that later.  The weekend before I was in NYC, before that Philadelphia, and at the end of March I ate local.  That was during a trip to visit a friend who has recently embarked on a fabulous new adventure as an inn keeper. Come June (when they open) you must plan a visit to the idyllic town of Woodstock, VT and stay at the Blue Horse Inn.  The Blue Horse, as you will learn when you scour their website, is an historic early 19th century home in Woodstock Village.  The Blue Horse Six have been busy little beavers updating and renovating in preparation for their grand opening next month. Here is the beautiful Blue Horse Inn:

My trip wasn’t all fun and games (actually, yes it was) because we rolled up our sleeves and de-flowered (erg, removed old flowery wall paper from) one of the guest rooms.  Here’s a bit of ill-lit evidence of our hard work.

I was majorly impressed by what one can accomplish with nothing more than a mid-day cocktail, an hour or two, and a bottle of vinegar-water solution. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any before-shots.

Despite the cold of late-March Vermont, KPC and I took several walks during which I snapped these pictures. While the Blue Horse is one of the prettiest homes in town, there are definitely some other magnificent buildings in Woodstock, including the grand old Norman Williams Public Library.  (Click to enlarge):

Follow progress at the Blue Horse here, and be sure to visit!

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1 Response to Traveling Man

  1. Keri Cole says:

    We love it when Randa visits! Come back soon!

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