Spring is Springing

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My neighborhood is full of azaleas.  I grew up with a front yard (and a couple of grandmothers’ front yards) full of azaleas, and I love them.  I moved into my current apartment at the end of last May so I missed the initial burst of spring blossoms from the flowers and trees in the neighborhood.  There are some amazing pops of color around — bright pinks, light pinks, purples, and whites — including this one right outside my front door:

It’s easier to tell if you click on the photo, but the one next to it looks like it’s going to bloom this week!

These pink ones are down the street.  A photog I am not; I do what I can with the phone that I’ve got.  (was that a poem?)

There are so many blooming around the neighborhood, but because it’s so beautiful outside people are in their yards and on their porches and I have yet to perfect my stealth photography skills — I’m sure I could just ask them if they minded me snapping a picture of their bushes, but I’m not that friendly.

On another note, my mom’s favorite flower is the iris.  Today is super windy, and these are struggling a little bit, but they are still beautiful.

This pic is for her, in honor of finishing her treatment. Those of you who follow the blog will remember that she was diagnosed with cancer in December.  After surgery on December 29, she was evaluated by several specialists who recommended six weeks of radiation and five years of hormone therapy.  She finished her treatment in early April, and while she’s endured a lot she’s done it all in [mostly] good spirits, and we are all very grateful.  Here’s to a happy, healthy spring!

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